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  Dear Mr。Ning

  I need to apply for four days’ leave of absence from June 7 to 10, for I’ll return home to see my mother, who is badly ill now。

  To support my application, I herewith submit ca telegram from my father。 I should be very much obliged if you would grant me your permission。 As regards the lessons to be missed during my absence ,I will try to make them up with as soon as I get back from leave。

  I am waiting your instructions。

  Your respectfully,

  Wang Qing


  dear migao,

  i'm sorry i can't go to school today。 i helped the farmers pick apples with my classmates on the farm yesterday。 unluckily, i fell off the ladder and hurt my leg, but i wasn't badly hurt。 the doctor asked me to stay in bed and have a good rest。 so i ask for leave for two days。

  wang li


  dear mr。 li,

  i was caught in the rain yesterday and i had a fever last night。i am really not feeling well now。 my mom will take me to see the doctor 。please excuse me for not attending school today thank you!

  li hua。


  teacher wang:

  today, because of my grandmother was seriously ill, with parents to visit, ask for leave one day。

  sincerely yours


  student: li binbin

  x dated


  dear mrxxmrsxx,

  i want to ask for leave for friday this week。beacuse i always cough recently and i need a doctor。what's more,i have finished almost work of this week。i will call the manager when i see a doctor, please allow my request。thank you!


  sept 14th,XX


  reverent mr。green:

  at first please forgive my interruption。 because i don't feel up to par this morning and i must be in hospital to get the hospitalization, i couldn't e to school within following two days。i will return to school soonly as i made it。thanks for your understanding。

  yours, sam






  Peter, I would like to know if I could ask for a casual leave of absence for one day on April 4th, this Wednesday。

  This morning I received a telephone call from my dentist, urging me to e to his practice for immediate treatment of my teeth。 I have been experiencing a stinging pain, depriving me of my sleep during the past fortnight。 The situation could worsen, should infection occur。

  Concerning my workload: As Wednesday is not as busy as the other weekdays, I think a one-day leave this Wednesday may be the best solution。 I apologize for the inconvenience my absence from work may cause。

  Thanks。 I will call you at 1:30p。m。 or you can call me at any time。


  Dear Mr。Zhang

  On account of an attack of the flu with a severe headache, I shall be unable to attend classes today, for which I submit herewith a medical certificate issued by our clinic。

  Your kind permission will be greatly appreciated。

  Your respectfully ,

  Yang Yu


  dear teacher:

  i'm sorry i have to ask for two daysoff。 because i had a bad cold yesterday。 and now i have a high fever。

  i am feeling very bad。i can't study freely in class 。i went to see a doctorin the hospital。he gave me some medicine and asked me to stay in bed for two days 。so i'm sorry to ask you two days leave。 i hope you can ratify my ask。 thank you very much。

  yours, sam


  dear mrsmr

  sorry i was not able to attend the class on november 5th due to suffering a cold。 in the night of a november 4th, i was not feeling very good, and i found out that i had caught a cold the next morning。 therefore, i decided to go to see a doctor on november 5th, thus i was not able to make it to class that day



  An Application For Annual Leave

  To: Mr。 John Smith, General Manager

  From: George Chen, Accounting Department

  Date: January 22, 20xx

  Subject: Application for annual leave

  Dear Mr。 Smith,

  I would like to apply for an annual leave from January 25th to 31st。

  As you may know the Spring Festival is falling on February 1st this year。 It's the most important holiday in China and offers the best occasion for family reunion。 However, over the past 3 years I missed the reunions due to tight work schedule。 Now that I have wrapped up my work for this year, I would like to go back to my hometown to pay filial piety to my parents and help my sole brother prepare his wedding on January 28th。

  It's indeed double happiness for my family that I would like to be part of。 Coupled with the official holidays for the Spring Festival, I will have two weeks off which will definitely gear me up for better work in the new year。 I'm looking forward to your kind answer。

  Best regards,

  George Chen


  june 2nd,

  dear miss zhang,  i am sorry that i am unable to attend the morning classes because of a bad cold and high fever。 enclosed is a certificate from the doctor who said i must stay in bed today。 i will go back to school as soon as i recover。

  yours respectfully, annie



  Dear Miss Gao,

  I'm sorry I can't go to school today。 I helped the farmers pick apples with my classmates on the farm yesterday。 Unluckily, I fell off the ladder and hurt my leg, but I wasn't badly hurt。 The doctor asked me to stay in bed and have a good rest。 So I ask for leave for two days。

  Yours, Wang Li


  Dear Sir;

  I am going out of town from August 1 to 3。 Please grant my leave of absence for the above days。

  Many thanks。




  Dear MrMs Jiang

  I was unable to e to 1st and 2nd period today。Due to the rain yesterday, I was wet and had temperature at night。 The doctor adviced me to rest for several days and after my recovery, I will attend school as soon as possible。

  I am sincerely sorry about the inconvenience。 However, I would like to have your permission。 Also, afterwards I would phone you and there's the certificate by the doctor。

  Li Tie

  October 21st 20xx




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